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Back it don’t copy it

Pat Stewart is remarkable. She takes for granted that someone has to do what she does and it might as well be her. She set up a project in Gorton in Manchester called On The Streets (OTS). I made a … Continue reading

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The Gay State of the Nation

If you are gay it‘s almost impossible after the last couple of weeks to work out what the world wants, expects or thinks of you now. Your head will be spinning faster than the revolving door on Michael Barrymore’s closet. … Continue reading

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Australian Centenary

Tell any cliché bound Brit that you’re writing about Australian culture and back comes the stock joke about the article being very short. Fosters, Neighbours and Rolf Harris don’t amount to an over laden cultural table. They see a country, … Continue reading

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Amy Biehl

Just a few weeks ago a middle aged, fairly well off husband and wife from California took a poor, black South African couple from Cape Town out to lunch. The young man works for their Foundation. His girlfriend works in … Continue reading

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An ode to Limehouse

What is it in the air in Limehouse? Today it may be home to more lofts, designers and 4x4s than almost any other bastion of the bohemian bourgeoisie, but this east London neighbourhood has in the past 150 years given … Continue reading

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‘I was part of it. I killed your father’

Twenty years after the Brighton bomb, the IRA man responsible and the daughter of one of the victims came together in an extraordinary meeting. Simon Fanshawe took the chair Simon Fanshawe: Jo, what compelled you to explore this path of … Continue reading

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Black, pink and British too

The nail bombs were a blast from a straight, white, imperial past There’s a bomb. Then there’s the outrage, the shock, the horror. The police under pressure. Something must be done. And, remarkably soon, there’s an arrest. The country pastes … Continue reading

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