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Simon FanshaweSimon started his broadcasting life when he was a comedian. He won the top comedy award, The Perrier, at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1989.

He crossed over into serious broadcasting when he presented Kaleidoscope, the predecessor to Front Row, Radio 4’s main arts programme. He has had series on Radio Four and Five Live, Talk Radio and GLR and made documentaries on subjects that stretch from animal sound effects, gay humour and comedy comperes, to reference books, South African and South African comedy, money, sarcasm and … well the point is it’s quite a range.

On ITV he presented a show called The Pier, for quite a while. (He even worked on That’s Life, once, with Esther Rantzen.. although he often chooses not to mention it) And since then he has contributed to shows on the Scouts, virgins, comedy catchphrases, Abigail’s Party, manners, … and written and presented documentaries on architecture, cities, Brighton and he wrote and presented the controversial and highly successful “The Trouble With Gay Men…” for the BBC

He also does the ‘pundit’ thing. Lots of people know him from his regular Saturday Morning paper reviews on BBC1 Breakfast and he also appears regularly on Jeremy Vine, Sky News, You and Yours, Loose Ends, Question Time, Today… and all the usual places where opinion and wit are hired…


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